“Excellence” is an uplifting word. But the bedrock of excellence is unrelenting, unforgiving, brute-force hard work

John Munday
Joint Managing Director

John Munday

“Be the best at what we do and go beyond what would normally be expected. This ensures we deliver a premier service!

Gavin McCosh Director

Gavin McCosh

Chosen advisors of 4 of top 10 European funds

Case Study 5

“We set the firm up to offer the best commercial service available and I’m proud to say I believe we have achieved that mark”

Robert Kendall Director

Robert Kendall

“I believe we are market leaders in the service we provide, in all aspects of commerciality, quality of advice, timing and diligence”

Simon Pickford Director

Simon Pickford

“Technical expertise with commercial acumen. Swift and consistent delivery is key to our clients”

Marcus Wroe Director

Marcus Wroe

81% of turnover generated from repeat business

Case Study 3

Building Surveys on over £6 billion of acquisitions

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Case Study One

“Top advice from top people. Simples…

Jeff Smith Director

Jeff Smith

30 investment portfolios surveyed during last 12 months

Case Study 2

Over £7.5 billion worth of property surveyed for acquirers in f/y 2014/15

Case Study 7

“We deliver reliable, sound and commercial advice with personality”

Richard Estrop Director

Richard Estrop

Over £1.5 billion worth of property surveyed for vendors in f/y 2014/15

Case Study 8

“We aim to understand and anticipate our clients' requirements and deliver quality, timely and commercial advice”

Robert Perry
Joint Managing Director

Robert Perry


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