How Matterport has launched Paragon into the future

How Matterport has launched Paragon into the future

Since being introduced to Matterport we have considered and implemented various uses of the service to enhance our existing service offering to clients. Matterport allows us to capture, share, and collaborate using the 3D data platform regardless of location, and has essentially unlocked new ways of viewing property, making processes much smoother for both us and our clients. 

  • Remote viewings has enabled us to accelerate productivity, decision making and cost savings amongst many aspects of property assets. This includes assisting design teams to complete design without requiring numerous site inspections as well as allowing lettings to progress and sometimes complete, all of which would not have been otherwise possible as a result of travel restrictions. This is particularly relevant at the moment due to restrictions caused by Covid-19.  


  • In addition to this, Matterport has been extremely useful for our EMEA team when working with overseas tenants and their design teams. They are able to view the unit remotely as many times as they want as well as being able to take accurate measurements, allowing them to understand if a unit will meet their operational needs whilst avoiding unnecessary travel costs and expenses.


  • We are also exploring how Matterport can be used to supplement or replace a traditional Photographic Schedule of Condition. We have recently utilised the platform for a client to record the condition of a unit prior to a tenant’s fit out. This has been an invaluable asset for the client, as they now have unlimited access to footage of the property’s condition, which can be kept for use at lease end and to assist with dilapidations negotiations. The recording also lists all existing services that run through the property, which in this instance served the residential block above.  It enables pin point accuracy in locating those services in the future should repair or replacement be required.


As an example, Paragon undertook Matterport 360 degree camera surveys on three large retail assets. 

The footage of one of the sites was shared with the tenant’s design team, in turn enabling them to complete their design with less site inspections and the associated professional design team cost. The footage also enabled contractors to finalise pricing, Health and Safety teams to finalise site set up proposals and for pre-contract planning for the project to start. 

This allowed the project to start with only a small delay; a delay that would have undoubtedly significantly increased otherwise as a result of Covid-19.  The outcome of this was time saved for both us and the client, as well as a reduction in potential cost in a number of areas. In this particular example, the lease starts on completion of the tenant fit out, and therefore every day saved is highly significant to the client and has substantial financial benefits.  Without Matterport, we would estimate the project would have had at least a 4 – 6 week delay in starting.

As we are now seeing remote working becoming more popular, and more of a reality for the future within the industry, remote viewing will inevitably be more in demand than ever before.

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