Paragon donates laptops to help primary school children

Paragon donates laptops to help primary school children

In these extraordinary times, we are all having to make changes to our everyday lives in order to adapt to the “new normal” as smoothly as possible. These changes are proving particularly challenging for both teachers and children as they try to adapt to ”online schooling”. Whilst this is working extremely well for some, unfortunately it has highlighted the fact that many households simply do not have access to a PC / laptop or the internet to enable them to partake in these online studies.

Paragon’s Managing Director, John Munday, has witnessed this struggle through the eyes of one of his daughters, a primary school teacher at Meath Green Junior School. Some of the children in her class had little or no IT equipment and were trying to access the online classes through mobile phones; clearly not ideal and almost impossible to benefit from such classes in the same way as their peers.

Paragon were only too happy to help improve this situation by donating numerous unused company laptops, and also appealing to employees to donate any spare personal IT equipment to the school to help the pupils. The response from all the staff was superb.

Meath Green Junior School Director, Patrick Amerio, had these kind words to say:

“I just wanted to send this sincere and heartfelt thanks on behalf of the pupils and staff for the really generous donation of laptops for us to use.

At a time when we find ourselves lacking the proper resources we need to teach live lessons, your laptops are a God send; affording staff the capability and flexibility to deliver quality remote teaching/ learning.

Once again, a huge thank you.”

A small act, but hopefully one with really positive benefits for many. We at Paragon would like to thank not only Meath Green Junior School but all those involved with such brilliant work with our children across the country throughout this pandemic.

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