Flood Risk Assessments: Do you have flood resilience plans in place?

Flood Risk Assessments: Do you have flood resilience plans in place?


In response to increased flood risk awareness, following two 1 in 100 year flood events in the UK in the past two years, we invite our clients to consider their knowledge of different sources of flooding and the impacts that it can have on their property portfolios. As we progress into Autumn, we are reminded that flooding is a big issue in the UK and that robust due diligence and flood resilience planning is vital to protect assets.  

Paragon's Environmental team provides the following flood risk advice:

  • An innovative range of data and services
  • A unique modelling capability to produce cost effective and scalable information
  • Screening Reports on flooding and SUDs and more Detailed Flood Risk Assessments using EA data suitable for planning on development sites
  • A combination of data, technical environmental knowledge, site specific information and client requirements in order to provide solution driven reports and assessments for refurbishment, development, property transactions and  asset management of properties.

If you have flooding concerns on your existing property portfolio, Paragon is able to provide business continuity plans, which provide information to reduce financial losses, damage to property and business interruption and to reduce exposure to civil or criminal liability.

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