What to do if sites close?

What to do if sites close?

Paragon director Rob Kendall uses his industry expertise to offer key points to consider should sites start to close due to COVID-19. 

It is clear that building sites are now starting to close to protect operatives and the wider communities. We consider this will become the norm during the remainder of the week and suggest the following points are reviewed to minimise the disruption with developers and contractors: 

  1. Ensure remote monitored security is in place together with other adequate and reasonable steps to keep both the site and public safe. Ensure all open trenches etc are covered and materials are safely stored. 
  2. Notify insurers, bondsmen and other 3rd parties immediately.
  3. Drain down wet systems, isolate gas and power where practicable and sensible. 
  4. Protect unfinished works where practicable to do so to prevent damage and degradation during the close down. 
  5. Where possible, take works to a point where they can be left without affecting warranties and guarantees. 
  6. Agree with all parties the definition and effect of force majeure clauses / other relevant contractual clauses. 
  7. Review the supply chain, postpone deliveries etc. 
  8. Liaise with utilities to ensure part completed / finished elements are correctly isolated.  
  9. Ensure insurance premiums are kept up to date. 
  10. Take detailed and accurate record of current position of works on site. 
  11. Ensure all relevant notices have been correctly served.  
  12. Agree extensions to long stop dates and key milestones with funding parties, agreements for lease or pre-purchased units.
  13. Off hire what can be and secure other plant on site 
  14. Remove flammable waste from perimeter fences etc to avoid arson etc. 

The list is not exhaustive and each site will have its own nuances that will need considering.  

Paragon will continue to monitor sites and produce relevant reports whilst they remain open by working remotely utilising video conferencing, site reports, certificates and photographic evidence.  

Please get in touch with robertkendall@paragonbc.co.uk to discuss any of the above points or to review further elements that might require action. 

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