Charlie Knox

Job Title:

Associate Director (Environmental)

Brief career history:

Studied at the University of Portsmouth 2004-2008;
Worked at The Constructive Group, CGL and Arcadis EC Harris between 2008 and 2015;
Started at Paragon in February 2015.

About me:

My main passion in life is travel. I love going on adventures to explore new places, preferably in the sunshine. Last year I travelled to Paris, Latvia, Austria, Berlin, Borneo, Bali and New York. My next big trip is hopefully South Africa!

Favourite food:

Most things apart from fish. A good steak would always be welcome on my plate.

Favourite cocktail or drink:

I operate on an ‘if it’s wet, drink it’ policy so there’s not nearly enough space here to list them all. If I was forced to choose though, a large glass of Malbec to go with that steak please.

Favourite London eatery:

A Sunday Roast at the Swan at The Globe;
Duck and Waffle for a meat fest with a view;
Hawksmoor for that steak.

Favourite travel destination:

Again, way too many to choose from, but some favourite places are:

Argentina (you can possibly guess why by now);
New Zealand;

Random thing someone wouldn’t know about you……:

I overcame a severe fear of heights and have now parachuted from 12,000 ft and done 4 bungee jumps. Shame I cant bring myself to do the same with spiders!

020 7125 0112

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