Edward Baker Danis

Job Title:

Building Surveyor

Brief career history:

Studied at Northumbria University 2011-2015

Underwoods LLP 2013-14

Paragon 2015 to Present

About me:

I only recently moved to London, so I’m still acting like a tourist. I’m an avid record collector and a lot of my spare time is spent listening to or watching live music.  The other part of my life is spent following sport, in particular rugby with Northampton Saints being my primary focus. I venture back up to Franklins Gardens as much as I can to watch them play. Sadly, my football team Leeds Utd aren’t doing too well...hopefully they will only get better, realistically they probably won’t.

Favourite food:

Anything Thai or Caribbean.

Favourite cocktail or drink:

Pub drink will have to be a pint of Doombar, cocktail wise I’m a big fan of an Old Fashioned.

Favourite London eatery:

Being new to the London scene I haven’t been to a great deal of places. Dub Jam in Covent Garden stands out as having some of the tastiest grub I’ve had down here.

Favourite travel destination:

In the UK it has to be Polzeath, where I’ve been frequenting every year for the past 14 years.

Outside of the UK I’ve been to the Carribean a few times, and that’s always pretty special. Especially Tobago!

Random thing someone wouldn’t know about you……:

I have the longest legs at Paragon.


020 7125 0112

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