James Quirk

Job title:

Associate Director - Project Management

Brief Career History:

My career in Construction started during my placement year whilst at university where I worked at Costain Oil and Gas. Following graduation, I joined Mace Group where I worked for 9 years on various projects in and around the North-West region.

My next career step took me to Ernst and Young (EY) where I joined their Advisory team working on some of the largest and most complex national projects and programmes.

Having completed two years with EY I joined Paragon as a Senior Project Manager in February 2017.

About me:

Favourite food:

My food heaven would be… well that is tricky to answer as I do like most things and it is probably easier saying what I don’t like. Chips and aubergines.

Favourite cocktail or drink:

I do like tequila or rum based cocktails so probably a Margarita or Cuba Libre. As with the food I will drink almost anything.

Favourite Manchester eatery:

There are some good restaurants in Manchester but the best restaurant I have been to in the UK must be L’enclume in Cartmel.  It was a brilliant experience and I never thought food could taste so good and be so imaginative.

Favourite travel destination:  

I do like to travel and I love South East Asia however my favourite place is Italy. So much so I got married there in 2015.

A random thing someone wouldn’t know about you:

My rugby career (now retired) has left me with two false teeth!



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