Tim Cayzer

Job Title:

Associate Director – Project Management

Brief Career History:

Started my career at TFT as a graduate building surveyor

Progressed my career within Atkins and made the transition from surveying to project management

Fine-tuned my skills within Bollingbrook Limited as an Associate Director

Joined Paragon in spring 2017

About me:

I love good architecture and design and enjoy being part of creating better environments for us to occupy and look at. Equally I love the great outdoors and being Surrey born and bred I love the English country side, fresh air and walks to the pub for a roast with my Fiancée Lucy, family and friends.

I’m very much into fitness and regularly punish myself with a HIIT session in the gym or a cheeky 10km, 10mile or half marathon. This however allows me to indulge in some of the topics discussed below guilt free. There is a fierce competition between Lucy and I on who has the most medals, sadly I’m losing at present which she is quite happy at reminding me of!    

Favourite food:

All things healthy, now I’ve reached my 40’s the old metabolism isn’t as youthful as it used to be! I cook everything from scratch using the Lean in 15 Body Coach cook books. Too many favourites to name but the grilled salmon with avocado, feta and pumpkin seeds is a winner but will never say no to a good medium steak and BBQ chicken… on a coal BBQ, none of this gas business!  

Favourite cocktail or drink:

Difficult one to answer? Could change depending on the occasion and mood ranging from a good dry New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc in the sun or with a good meal with my lady, a dark and stormy cocktail in the evening, a good beer with the boys in the pub and if drunk all in that order a Bloody Mary the morning after.

Favourite London eatery:

Well this is where my guilty pleasure is announced to the world… Nando’s… love a good Nando’s.

Favourite travel destination:

Planet Earth, quite simply love travelling wherever, whenever. Most recent travel destinations include New Zealand and Japan however, the Caribbean and Cornwall also feature in the happy place top 10 list.  

A random thing someone wouldn’t know about you:

Apparently my surname is meant to mean 10th in line to the throne of Julius Cesar, always knew I was destined for greater things… just need to find out who the 9 in front of me are?


020 7125 0112

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