Tom Simmons

Job Title:

Director - Building Surveying

Brief career history:

Studied at Reading University 2003-2006

Worked at Cluttons LLP 2006-2010

Worked  at PBC 2010-2012

Joined Paragon 2012

About me:

I really enjoy sports, either participating or spectating, anything from football, skiing, cycling, golf, cricket... Some with more success than others! I'm currently trying to refurbish my flat and I'm also planning my wedding for 2015 which looks like it's going to take up a lot of my spare time!

Favourite Food:


Favourite cocktail or drink:

Craft beers

Favourite London Eatery:


Favourite travel destination:

The Alps

A random thing someone wouldn’t know about you:

I'm the reigning Paragon go-karting champion.

020 7125 0112

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