Cost Consultancy

Inevitably, everybody is interested in the bottom line. Irrespective of the timeframe or the quality of the final product, a client will rarely see a project as a success if the figures are wrong. We provide cost consultancy advice of the highest possible standard.

When planning capital projects, we understand that the predictability of cost is paramount in maximising return on investment. Our suite of tools and processes, coupled with our cost models, ensure that our cost advice is current and accurately reflects the scope of the scheme at any stage of the project cycle.

Data captured across a range of projects and sectors allows us to respond early and quickly, to help assess a development's viability and identify alternatives if required.

Our cost plan, prepared in conjunction with the project team, is the key control document. This becomes the tool by which future change is controlled and reported. Our continued review of performance throughout the project ensures that value is achieved and potential risks that might affect performance are managed.


  • Cost benchmarking
  • Feasibility estimating
  • Cost planning/estimating
  • Cost managements/control
  • Procurement advice
  • Cost audit/verification
  • Value engineering
  • Development monitoring
  • Employers Agent
  • Contract administration


Acting for Landlords we typically achieve at least 70% of the original dilapidations claim