Mechanical & Electrical

Paragon is a leading project and building consultancy and is proud to have had an in-house M&E team since the business was established in 2009. This means we can provides clients with seamless service delivery as regards M&E considerations within their property assets.

The Paragon M&E team delivers advice across the Paragon service offering. This includes Project Services, Transactional and Asset Management.

The M&E service at Paragon is based on the solid expertise and experience of our engineers and their successful track record in delivering cost savings, while reducing exposure to risk for our clients. Whether you are acquiring a property and want to know the lifespan of the plant in the building, preparing a maintenance plan for an asset or procuring a design and implementing building works, we have the expertise to help you make informed decisions in relation to the M&E aspects of your assets.


  • Technical due diligence surveys                    
  • Mechanical & Electrical Design                    
  • Dilapidations                                                  
  • Project management                                     
  • Validation/commissioning Management      
  • Life Cycle Plans                                              
  • Maintenance Audits and Management         
  • Energy efficiency and sustainability advice  
  • Vertical Transportation    


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