Principal Designer: Construction Design and Management Regulations (2015)

Health and Safety in construction is paramount and the revised Construction Design and Management Regulations (2015), applicable from 6 October 2015, place greater obligations for clients concerning appointment of suitably experienced consultants and ensuring they comply with their duties.  The previous role of the ‘CDM Co-ordinator’ will be made redundant and replaced with a new role of the ‘Principal Designer’ who may be the Contract Administrator, Architect or, depending upon the complexity, a Health & Safety Consultant.  The new Regulations are also applicable to domestic clients for substantial residential projects.

The loss of the CDM Coordinator leaves the client without a key advisor for all matters relating to health & safety.  As part of our Project Management or Contract Administration duties we are able to advise on the requirement and application of the revised CDM Regulations (2015) ensuring compliance at all times.  We are also able to act as the Principal Designer working in conjunction with Health & Safety Consultants.

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