Building Survey protocol in response to COVID-19

Building Survey protocol in response to COVID-19

As a result of the latest RICS correspondence, Paragon will now in specific instances and following all Government guidance, undertake building surveys on behalf of clients in unoccupied buildings whilst following strict conditions of inspection. Paragon will continue to monitor this protocol on an ongoing basis.

Paragon update:

Paragon has updated its procedures and protocol for building survey inspections in line with the current RICS and UK Government guidelines. 

These changes only relate to building surveys – and specifically to surveys of unoccupied buildings.

It does not set out any procedures for the survey of occupied buildings which for Paragon, remain strictly prohibited until further notice.

This protocol does not apply to Paragon Project Monitoring, Project Management or Cost Management related inspections which are also prohibited until further notice.

On such projects all surveyors will continue to work remotely with valuation analysis via photographic, video and written evidence provided by Developers and/or Contractors.


RICS Guidance and Paragon Insurance:

This update has been prepared with full regard to the professional guidance provided by the RICS here


Paragon Director Authorisation:

A Paragon building surveying Director or Shareholder will be required to authorise any building survey. This will only be granted once the protocol and conditions outlined below have been referenced, checked and he / she is satisfied that all updated procedures will be adopted.



In order to undertake an inspection, the following conditions of inspection must apply and have been confirmed in writing to Paragon by the instructing client:

  • The building is vacant or unoccupied 
  • The building is vacant or unoccupied and remained so prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, which for the purpose of this protocol is January 22, 2020 
  • Arrangements for access by key collection or via a security guard / commissionaire comply with Public Health England guidelines on Social Distancing Rules i.e. you must stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people at all times



  • The Surveyor undertaking the inspection must confirm to the instructing Director, they have not had coronavirus symptoms for at least 7 days or it has been at least 14 days since they had contact with someone with Coronavirus symptoms. For further guidance see
  • The inspection can be undertaken by only one surveyor
  • Travel to the inspection must be by the surveyor’s own transport (car, motorcycle, pushbike)
  • Upon arriving at the building, the surveyor is to phone their team administrator confirming the building is unoccupied; the time they are to commence the survey and estimated duration of the survey
  • When entering the building, ideally remain 3m from the security guard / keyholder
  • Upon completion of the survey, the surveyor is to phone their team administrator confirming that the inspection has been completed
  • Prior to commencing the inspection and entering the building, wearing of the following PPE is mandatory:

           o    Eye protection
           o    Disposable gloves
           o    Disposable NHS grade face mask

  • Upon completing the inspection, the disposable face mask and gloves should be removed and the Surveyor must wash their hands (at the building if suitable washing facilities remain available) or with hand sanitising gel which the surveyor must carry at all times.


Paragon will continue to monitor and update the above protocol and procedures as and when further guidance is made available by both the RICS and the UK Government. 

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