Charlie Knox chairs the inaugural Envirocon conference

Charlie Knox chairs the inaugural Envirocon conference

Paragon Associate Director – Environmental and Sustainability, Charlie Knox, chaired the recent inaugural Envirocon event. The event was hostel by Ambisense who creates and uses technology to solve complex environmental problems.

The conference was the industry’s first dedicated to innovation and technology in the environmental (brownfield and engineering specifically) sector. The objective was to gather technology developers who would discuss how they used their innovation to help their clients solve complex environmental problems. The event was opened and closed by Ambisense CEO, Stephen McNulty, who was in attendance at the IES event that Charlie also recently chaired. 

Charlie chaired the full day conference which consisted of a variety of 20-25 minute presentations from a range of speakers with Q&A.  The talks were split into different topics including:  

•    Consulting;
•    Data;
•    Remediation and;
•    Analytics.   

The discussions included a range of topics including how high resolution, remote telemetry tools can be used to monitor natural source-zone depletion assessments in remote / logistically tricky locations, how satellites can be used to monitor ground movement in the UK to millimetre accuracy to create publicly available mapping resources, and the use of high resolution gas sensors that use Artificial Intelligence to detect and recall a range of gases / odours.

Additionally, there were a range of exhibits for the participants to visit during the breaks with a variety of attendees including data management, sensors / equipment developers and a laboratory demonstrating their products.

Charlie made the following comments:

“I was really struck by the advances and availability of technology and tools available to the industry, and the enthusiasm of the people who develop and use these technologies regularly.  There was common theme of the speakers being ‘problem solvers’ and I found their creativity in resolving complex issues really fascinating.  

One common theme that also came out of the day were blockers to progress and the tendency of some organisations to have a “we’ve always done it this way” attitude.  Therefore, despite the advances and availability of the innovativeness of some organisations within industry, there was a feeling that we could and should be doing more.”

Please click here for a full list of the speakers and exhibiters.

The event was hosted at The Crystal in east London, which was a fitting location as it is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world and was built on brownfield, former industrialised land. Please click here for further information on the building.

The conference was a great success with over 70 participants in total.

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