Elena  Donnellan - Team Secretary

Elena Donnellan

Team Secretary

+44 (0)20 7125 0112
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My career history:

I worked for the John Lewis Partnership for a number of years whilst studying English and Creative Writing at St Mary’s University. I stepped into the building sector as a secretary for surveyors at Willmotts before moving to Paragon.

My career highlight:

Working for Paragon has been a huge career highlight for me as I have been able to take on new projects such as portfolio works and now support my largest number of surveyors to date!

What keeps me motivated:

Teamwork! This will continue to keep me motivated in my secretarial role as it is what keeps the company afloat. It’s also great that we receive just so much support from the varying departments.

What I do differently:

Positive vibes during the most stressful times is vital and I feel that my optimism boosts my team’s morale when under pressure.

What keeps me busy at the weekend:

Currently living in Wimbledon but refusing to embrace the tennis. Much prefer beach sports e.g. bat and ball where you win cocktails instead of trophies. Coming from a big Irish family I love to drink, socialise and eat anything potato related.

My favourite food:

Persian and Mexican. 

My favourite eatery:

Impossible to narrow down.

My favourite drink:

French Martini.

My favourite travel destination:

Anywhere. You make the most of wherever you go. 

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