Matt  Oldale  - Credit Control & Treasury Manager

Matt Oldale

Credit Control & Treasury Manager
+44 (0)20 7125 0112
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My career history:

Having moved down south nearly 20 years ago, I’ve held credit control roles within recruitment, IT and also at Paragon once before in a former life.

My career highlight:

Having re-joined Paragon in 2017 I was extremely happy and proud to have been promoted in 2018 based on a year of hard work and great results.

What keeps me motivated:

Always trying to improve on previous results whilst continuing to work in a happy, focused and hard working team.

What I do differently:

Focus on building good working relationships with clients, suppliers and colleagues. Difficult financial conversations can often be softened when you already have a strong relationship with the other party involved.

What keeps me busy at the weekend:

I was born and bred in Sheffield and moved to the other side of the Pennines to attend University. Whilst there I met my ‘then wife to be’ Mel, and a trip down south soon followed to finalise the deal in 2003. Three children followed; Isaac, Rosie & Joshua and more recently a dog as clearly we didn’t have our hands full enough! I enjoy all the usual weekend entertainment events i.e. football, films, a beer or two, music and football…oh, did I mention football??? Red and white being the colour of choice coming from Sheffield.

My favourite food:

A hearty pie and mash with a good splash of Henderson’s sauce – NO, it’s not Worcester sauce in a different bottle!

My favourite eatery:

I don’t really venture into London much outside working hours so will settle for any good country pub serving pie / sausage & mash. Refer to next question on how to wash it down.

My favourite drink:

A good pint of bitter or a mug of strong tea.

My favourite travel destination:

Back home to Yorkshire or a trip down to the Devonshire coast.

Not many people know this about me:

I guess as I never cancelled it in my much younger pre-teen years, I’m actually still an official member of the Kylie Minogue fanclub!

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