Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Paragon was founded on the principles of collaboration and trust. Our culture is immensely important to us – who we are and how we work is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Everyone at Paragon plays a crucial role in our continued success. We are committed to developing our people and ensuring that they grow and learn, always keeping Paragon one step ahead.

Most importantly, we treat people as individuals not stereotypes.


As we celebrate every one of our people and encourage their individual contribution, we’re making a commitment to prevent them being treated differently.

This means we’ll empower all our people to call out inappropriate or undermining behaviour, whether from our clients or colleagues.

At Paragon we tell it like it is, we care about deeds not words and we don’t tolerate discrimination.

We’ve set out this approach to an inclusive culture in our Diversity Commitment, a key pillar in our five-year business strategy. Our new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) group will embed this strategy across the business and ensure we meet our objectives.

For now, our EDI group’s main aim is to prevent women from being treated differently. In time, our focus will evolve to encompass diversity in terms of ethnicity, sexual orientation and social mobility.

We believe a diverse culture is good for our people and for business.


We also want to share our passion for property and projects with bright and talented people, no matter what their background is.

This will see us engage with universities through a dedicated outreach ambassador, to attend events and promote Paragon’s placement scheme to women, people who are ethnically diverse and people from varied backgrounds.

We’ll also explore opportunities for mentoring students at local schools, as well as continuing our popular site visits programme.


Paragon is now bigger and even better. Following our merger, we want to remind all of our people that we’re one team, one family, and that our culture remains inclusive.

Through our EDI group we’re also setting objectives for the business we want to be in the coming years.

These objectives are to:

  • Ensure a diverse representation at all company events where possible
  • Appoint our first female fee earner in the Manchester or Edinburgh office within 12 months – successfully achieved with the appointment of Chyrelle Watt in Edinburgh 
  • Have our first female board member within three years
  • Increase our representation of female directors above one, within three years – we’re pleased to have met this goal with the promotions of Charlie Knox and Emily Bradshaw
  • Ensure all our people involved in recruitment have unconscious bias training
  • Earn recognition and accreditation as an inclusive and diverse employer

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